2016 Finale

 In Behind The Scenes

Putting together a recap of an entire year in weddings is pretty ridiculous – there were so many awesome, hilarious, crytastic moments throughout 365 days of shooting that this video could’ve gone on for weeks!

Instead of keeping you in front of your computer for hours upon hours, I decided to mash everything into a video. Each wedding from this year and a few engagements are inside.

Thank you to all my couples who decided that they wanted something a little bit crazier, a little bit more epic and real for their wedding photos then the typical traditional or pinteresty things you see! The phrase “I can’t believe Grandma and Grandpa were like that” will be heard down the road 30-40 years from now, remember my face when you hear it.

Believing in what we bring to the table made 2016 that much better! Having that trust and being able to let go on your wedding day is what makes these photos so great.

From all of  the ‘nice to meet you’ handshakes when I first met you to the ‘I don’t want you to leave’ bear hugs when it was time to go… going through this process together, getting to know you all for over a year or more before your wedding – all of you are my friends for life.

Thanks to all of my second shooters, assistants, editors, mentors, and friends for helping make this year possible. You guys were the backbone of everything that happened!

So what if it’s February! Here’s my 2016 finale!


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