COLIN ‘the Photographer’

I could be cliché and say that I’ve had a camera since I was little, but that just wouldn’t be true – photography found me later in life and that’s something I am grateful for every single day. I truly believe I have the best job in the world. For a very long time I knew I would never be happy with a normal 9 to 5 and this is absolutely not a normal 9 to 5. I just couldn’t be strapped behind a desk not doing work that was meaningful to me and more importantly, other people. I can honestly say that I still get excited every time I pick up my camera – the adventures never end when I have it. I love chaos, rolling with the punches and making split second decisions under pressure. Perfect job for me in every shape and form.

COLIN ‘the Ukulele Player’

So… what if I told you I occasionally am a weekend rockstar? Would you believe me? The ukulele is a HUGE part of my life. I have met some of my best friends through the 6 years that I have been playing. If you don’t count the trumpet I played for a week in 5th grade, ukulele is my first instrument. I love it because the natural sound is simply a happy sound – it’s a stress reliever. I play all kinds of music from the Beatles to Flo Rida and even some Miley Cyrus. Occasionally I even play at festivals around the country and am a supported artist of KoAloha Ukulele! Fun times, just don’t ask me to play Tip Toe Through the Tulips.

COLIN ‘the Dad’

My absolute most important job. Kenzie Grace is the name of the little girl who basically owns me in every possibly way. She’s literally me in a dress. She has my eyes, dark hair, big bottom lip, she’s super tall and lanky which contributes to her clumsiness and radiates my goofy personality. Seriously, she’s the funniest person I’ve ever met and she doesn’t even try. She’s a diva and she knows it. Future rockstar (doesn’t Kenzie Grace sound like a really great stage name?) She’s a cookie snatcher and movie binger. Craziness. Literally everything I do is for her, she’s my sidekick and partner in crime.

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