Ashley and Chris at Ballyowen Golf Club

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Weddings fly by for everyone involved. To me, a 12 hour day feels exactly the same as a 7 hour day. I blink and we are at the reception singing along to the last song. When wedding days are as action packed as Ashley and Chris’s – they go even faster. Then, you blink again, and you’ve been married for 3 weeks – right Ashley?

You might remember Ashley and Chris by their Hoboken Engagement Session last year. These two are ridiculously funny and genuine – I was happy to see those same feelings come through on their wedding day at Ballyowen Golf Club. So many emotions caught these two through out the day – particularly nervousness that hit Chris so hard, he could only drink a milkshake for lunch. Seeing that nervousness wash away when he first saw Ashley was something special.

This wedding is one of my favorites of the year – below are a few favorites from our time with them. Thanks to my good buddy Eric for tagging along with me!




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