Christina and Connor at Fischbeck Family Farm

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Even though Christina and Connor’s wedding was the first time I was meeting them (they currently live in Chicago) I felt like I knew these guys forever! They had their wedding at Connor’s family property in Scranton, PA – a place which was probably the prettiest self-sustained property I’ve ever shot at, which was basically in the middle of no man’s land (yes, Kelly and I got lost finding it), literally built by Connor’s family. The tall trees you’ll see below were planted by Connor’s Grandfather!

The day was filled with probably the largest quantity of happy cries I’ve ever witnessed! A quick and heavy downpour didn’t stop Christina and Connor from having a great time being married and hanging out with their friends and family! So many moments happened in such a short amount of time, here are a few of my favorites from the day!


Connor_Christine_0034 Connor_Christine_0002 Connor_Christine_0003 Connor_Christine_0004 Connor_Christine_0005 Connor_Christine_0006

Connor_Christine_0035 Connor_Christine_0007 Connor_Christine_0008 Connor_Christine_0010 Connor_Christine_0012 Connor_Christine_0013 Connor_Christine_0014 Connor_Christine_0015 Connor_Christine_0016 Connor_Christine_0017 Connor_Christine_0018 Connor_Christine_0019 Connor_Christine_0021 Connor_Christine_0024 Connor_Christine_0025 Connor_Christine_0027 Connor_Christine_0028 Connor_Christine_0029


Connor_Christine_0032 Connor_Christine_0033 Connor_Christine_0038 Connor_Christine_0040

Connor_Christine_0041 Connor_Christine_0042 Connor_Christine_0043 Connor_Christine_0044 Connor_Christine_0045 Connor_Christine_0046 Connor_Christine_0047 Connor_Christine_0048 Connor_Christine_0050

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