Jill and Duby in North Philadelphia

 In Engagement

“I just wanted to let you know that during our engagement shoot I’m going to give Jill her ring.”

That’s the text I received just a few hours before I set out to meet Duby and Jill at Graffiti Pier, a hidden (and kind of sketchy) gem a few minutes from my apartment in Northern Liberties. Code words were decided upon in that conversation and we both knew the deed would happen at our second location, Race Street Pier, before finishing up at Spruce Street Harbor Park.

Jill and Duby made this engagement session awesome! Their genuine outlook on life and how they care for each other was on full display as we walked through our locations and shot. Below is just a few of my favorites from their session – thanks guys!!

Jill_Duby_0000 Jill_Duby_0001 Jill_Duby_0002 Jill_Duby_0003 Jill_Duby_0004 Jill_Duby_0006 Jill_Duby_0008 Jill_Duby_0009 Jill_Duby_0010 Jill_Duby_0012 Jill_Duby_0013 Jill_Duby_0014 Jill_Duby_0015 Jill_Duby_0016 Jill_Duby_0017

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