Katie and Chris at Duke Art Gallery

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When I first met Katie and Chris, I knew their wedding day would end up being just like them.. warm, easy-going, quirky and most of all – genuine. Katie specifically asked for us to not worry so much about the details, and just capture what happened as the day went on. That’s something I don’t typically hear very often!

When we showed up to Duke Art Gallery, the weather looked like it was unsure of what it wanted to do. Random rain droplets would fall for a few minutes then disappear. This happened a few times before the sun finally decided to show up and stay for good around ceremony time. By the way, how often do you get to shoot a ceremony that’s also in front of a huge castle/tower?

My friend Brittany hung out with me and helped document their day – here are a few of our favorites below!

bear mill estate wedding_0086 duke_art_gallery_0000 duke_art_gallery_0001 duke_art_gallery_0084 duke_art_gallery_0002 duke_art_gallery_0006 duke_art_gallery_0012

duke_art_gallery_0004 duke_art_gallery_0083

duke_art_gallery_0013 duke_art_gallery_0011 duke_art_gallery_0014 duke_art_gallery_0015 duke_art_gallery_0017 duke_art_gallery_0019 duke_art_gallery_0022

duke_art_gallery_0078 duke_art_gallery_0020

duke_art_gallery_0080 duke_art_gallery_0081 duke_art_gallery_0026 duke_art_gallery_0077 duke_art_gallery_0027 duke_art_gallery_0028 duke_art_gallery_0032 duke_art_gallery_0034 duke_art_gallery_0035 duke_art_gallery_0038 duke_art_gallery_0076 duke_art_gallery_0072 duke_art_gallery_0040 duke_art_gallery_0041 duke_art_gallery_0043 duke_art_gallery_0045 duke_art_gallery_0044 duke_art_gallery_0046 duke_art_gallery_0048 duke_art_gallery_0050 duke_art_gallery_0051 duke_art_gallery_0059 duke_art_gallery_0052 duke_art_gallery_0082


duke_art_gallery_0065 duke_art_gallery_0060 duke_art_gallery_0064 duke_art_gallery_0066 duke_art_gallery_0069 duke_art_gallery_0071

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