Katie and Kyle at the Aqueduct Conference Center in North Carolina – Part 1

 In Rehearsal

Weddings are always a good excuse to do things you’ve always wanted to do. For Molly and I – one of the things on our bucket list was to do a road trip.  So, a few weeks ago, we decided to take a trip and literally wing a road trip down south. Katie and Kyle were getting married in North Carolina on the weekend, so we hit a few places on the way down. We visited Savannah for a few days – walking ghost tours and being genuinely scared of our Air Bnb after said ghost tour. We shot up to Charleston and were the youngest people (by about 30 years) on a horse carriage tour through the old city and we saw the huge mansions, Molly thinks she saw Bill Murray. Finally we went to Chapel Hill, walked the Duke campus and met up with Katie, Kyle and her whole family at the Aqueduct Conference Center.

Funny enough, I shot Katie’s sister Kim and her husband Colin (who loves photographs of himself) a little over a year ago. Katie was the maid of honor at Kim’s wedding and at the time, I had no idea she was engaged or looking for a photographer. So, when she called me a few months after Kim’s wedding and said that her and Kyle would love for me to take a trip down to North Carolina for their wedding – I was humbled and absolutely willing to jump at the chance of hanging with these guys again!

This is part 1 of their wedding weekend. Katie and Kyle’s family joined them to go over their rehearsal. Rehearsal turned into family game night, as wars were won and probably the best (and most ridiculous) impressions were witnessed late into the night.

(1 mississippi…2 mississippi..3 missippi) Sorry, inside joke. Check out Part 1 with Katie and Kyle below!


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