Maryanne and Blair in Fishtown

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Maryanne and Blair have a few things in common… They love music (which is how they met), their drinks (of the adult category), Fishtown (their new home), and each other (this one is obvious) These two literally just moved into their new place in Fishtown and there were a few spots nearby that were near and dear to them. We started their engagements at their new digs, walked around Fishtown, made a quick pit stop at Yards and eventually ending up at Penns Landing to top off the night.

These guys are genuinely hilarious and it was an awesome time adding steps to our imaginary Fitbits! Here are a few of my favorites from the day! Thanks to my friend Brittany for helping out!

Fishtown_engagements_0001 Fishtown_engagements_0000 Fishtown_engagements_0002 Fishtown_engagements_0003 Fishtown_engagements_0005 Fishtown_engagements_0006 Fishtown_engagements_0007 Fishtown_engagements_0009 Fishtown_engagements_0011 Fishtown_engagements_0013 Fishtown_engagements_0015 Fishtown_engagements_0017 Fishtown_engagements_0019 Fishtown_engagements_0020 Fishtown_engagements_0021 Fishtown_engagements_0027 Fishtown_engagements_0024 Fishtown_engagements_0025 Fishtown_engagements_0026

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