Meghan and Len at Rodale Institute

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Where do I even start?

Funny story time. This wedding was really something special to me. I’ve known Meghan for well over 2 years now. She is (basically) the chaos handler at an awesome local hair salon (which I go to) called American Hairlines. She deals with the customers, personalities on the floor, handles events – she’s a regular jane-of-all-trades. (See what I did there?) Before I even knew Meghan was engaged, we would have funny chit chats in between myself being transformed from a grizzly-bear-man back into a human being (thanks Stephen!) One day I asked what the ring on her finger was… was it a wedding ring, engagement ring, fakey so guys would stop hitting on her? Turns out she was actually engaged AND looking for a photographer. Don’t you love it when the universe aligns like that?

A few days later, Meghan and I met up for a meeting to discuss her wedding and if I would be the right fit for her. 2 hours later, after discussing vikings, men wearing kilts, an assortment of bars that we both enjoyed, etc.. you know, the normal things I talk to my clients about when I first meet with them.. we actually did get to talk about her wedding. (We both already knew we wanted to work together at this point.)

When I finally got to meet Len at our engagement session, I saw everything Meghan described him as to be true. Together, these two are an absolute wrecking ball of awesome and a match made in bubbly beer heaven. These photos are a small representation of what I saw and captured during their ridiculously fun and crazy day.



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