Nancy and Crescendo at Grounds for Sculpture

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Imagine that there is this place where you can go that is filled with every type of Sculpture imaginable. It’s basically a huge outside field filled with every type of sculpture in the sculpture spectrum. Things from your “Looks like a man sleeping on a bench” side of the spectrum to “That is probably the most abstract thing I’ve ever seen”. This imaginary sculpture field is a real place, and its called Grounds For Sculpture and that is precisely where Nancy and Crescendo met me and my buddy Ben for their engagement session.

Getting married in New York just in a few short weeks, Nancy and Crescendo wanted to get some practice reps in for their wedding and see what it was like to be the center of attention for a few hours. Feeling comfortable on your wedding day is an important thing that I want all of my couples to have – and seeing how easy they were in front of the camera while we shot just makes me more excited for them on their wedding day! Plus, let’s just admit it – they both are basically models.

Here are a few of my favorites below! See you soon guys!

Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0017

Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0000

Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0003 Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0002Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0007 Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0008

Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0015 Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0010 Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0014

Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0023

Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0018 Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0021Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0022 Grounds for Sculpture Engagement_0020

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