Siobhan and Nick’s Engagement at Wildwood

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I always tell my couples that when they start narrowing down locations for their engagement pictures, that its better to find a place that means something to them and has a story behind it – rather then choosing a cliche location because it’s pretty. Wildwood was a place that both of Siobhan and Nick’s families visited every summer to the point that they are pretty sure that they’ve probably been on the beach at the same time way before they even knew each other. Eventually, Wildwood became the place that they regularly visit now with both of their families – doing more adult beach-ing and wing eating. Oh, and it’s pretty – so bonus?

Siobhan and Nick met me down in Wildwood, New Jersey and we walked the boardwalk, ran on the beach (they ran on the beach, I watched.), balanced on what I’m pretty sure was a sewer pipe (sorry guys) , got kicked out of a random area by a fired up security guard and ate some wings! Part of their adventure is below – enjoy!  fox_hollow_Long_Island_0079 fox_hollow_Long_Island_0097

fox_hollow_Long_Island_0085 fox_hollow_Long_Island_0082

fox_hollow_Long_Island_0086 fox_hollow_Long_Island_0080 fox_hollow_Long_Island_0087 fox_hollow_Long_Island_0088 fox_hollow_Long_Island_0089 fox_hollow_Long_Island_0092

fox_hollow_Long_Island_0091 fox_hollow_Long_Island_0094 fox_hollow_Long_Island_0096fox_hollow_Long_Island_0093

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