Tammy and Bill’s Tabernacle and Batsto Village Engagment

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Tammy and Bill are two regular-day heroes that save lives 7 days a week. While we sleep, they are manning the phone lines and getting people (like myself) out of sticky situations. Because of their jobs and sometimes opposite schedules, they don’t always get a lot of time together – so it was really great to see them when they can actually spend an afternoon in their home turf.

This Sunday, we all got together at their rescue station in Tabernacle where I climbed a firetruck and ducked between a few ambulances. From there, we headed to Batsto Village where we chased the light through buildings and lakes.

These two are awesome and I’m happy to be able to call them friends! Here are a few of my favorites from our session..

tammy_bill_0001 tammy_bill_0004 tammy_bill_0003 tammy_bill_0007 tammy_bill_0010 tammy_bill_0014 tammy_bill_0016 tammy_bill_0018 tammy_bill_0019 tammy_bill_0022 tammy_bill_0024 tammy_bill_0025

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